The link budget software is designed to provide satellite operators with powerful tool of link analysis and network operation. With customized design the software is capable to perform multiple functions:

1. Accurate rain attenuation and system availability prediction.
Based on the latest propagation data and prediction method described in ITU-R Recommendations P.618, P.679, P.837, P.838, P.839 and P.840, a dynamic link library of propagation is developed so that the propagation loses and system availabilities are precisely predicted in all frequency bands.

2. Detailed calculation of interference from adjacent satellites.
Typically interference from 4 adjacent satellites (2 on each side of orbital location) are calculated according to their power densities with the consideration of space station keeping error, earth station pointing error and antenna pattern.

3. Multiple link budget.
The software is capable to perform multiple link budgets simultaneously for up to 1700 (limited by output file size) scenarios of different carriers, transponder settings and earth station standards.

4. Network optimization.
An optimization procedure is running to achieve best system performance under user's control of criteria with certain constraints.

5. Graphical interface.
Very friendly interface is provided for users. The output of the software is in tabular format that can be easily incorporated into documents.