Beam Creator software is designed to generate satellite antenna beam contours in ITU format for filing or general purposes.

1. Convert footprint picture into contour file
When footprint is presented in an image file (bitmap, gif, jpeg and etc.) or downloaded from website, it is desirable to convert image into GXT file so that it can be further processed. Once GXT file is available, you can have electronic submission, display in plate view or satellite view, or in overlapping with contours of other satellites.

2. Generate footprints from concept
You may need to have beam contour diagrams even before antenna is designed or built. The program can prepare contour GXT files directly from concept, or based on gain requirements at a number of geographical locations. It can also generate effective gain contours of a steerable beam in an ITU Region. By just a few clicks, contours of global steerable beam, command and telemetry beam can be created.

3. Create satellite antenna pattern in geostationary orbit.
This kind of diagram is required by ITU/BR for filing a space network. The program can create antenna pattern in geostationary orbit in GXT format.

4. Consolidate all beam contours of a satellite.
A satellite usually has a number of beams. The program combines all beam files into database, or forms a composite beam file for filing.

5. Prepare multiple spot beams or beams for AP30B filing.
The multiple spot beams are prepared in both graphical and text format. The beam size, position and orientation are precisely controlled.